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1. Of course, it would be as dangerous to overreact to history by concluding that the majority must now be wrong about expansion as it would be to re-enact the response that greeted the suggestion that the continents had drifted.www.for68.com

2. While the fact of this consumer revolution is hardly in doubt, three key questions remain: who were the consumers? What were their motives? And what were the effect of the new demand for luxuries?

3. Although it has been possible to infer from the goods and services actually produced what manufacturers and servicing trades thought their customers wanted, only a study of relevant personal documents written by actual consumers will provide a precise picture of who wanted what.

4. With respect to their reasons for immigrating, Grassy does not deny their frequently noted fact that some of the immigrants of the 1630‘s, most notably the organizers and clergy, advanced religious explanations for departure, but he finds that such explanations usually assumed primacy only in retrospect.

5. If we take the age-and sex-specific unemployment rates that existed in 1956 (when the overall unemployment rate was 4.1 percent) and weight them by the age- and sex-specific shares of the labor force that prevail currently, the overall unemployment rate becomes 5 percent.

6. He was puzzled that I did not want what was obviously a “ step up” toward what all Americans are taught to want when they grow up: money and power.

7. Unless productivity growth is unexpectedly large, however, the expansion of real output must eventually begin to slow down to the economy‘s larger run growth potential if generalized demand pressures on prices are to be avoided.

8. However, when investment flows primarily in one direction, as it generally does from industrial to developing countries, the seemingly reciprocal source-based restrictions produce revenue sacrifices primarily by the state receiving most of the foreign investment and producing most of the income—namely ,the developing country partner.

9. The pursuit of private interests with as little interference as possible from government was seen as the road to human happiness and progress rather than the public obligation and involvement in the collective community that emphasized by the Greeks.

10. The defense lawyer relied on long-standing principles governing the conduct of prosecuting attorneys: as quasi-judicial officers of the court they are under a duty not to prejudice a party‘s case through overzealous prosecution or to detract from the impartiality of courtroom atmosphere.





4、对于他们移民原因的细节,Grassy并不否认他们经常提出的事实-17世纪30年代的一些移民主要由组织家和牧师组成,提出了要离开的宗教解释,但他发现只是以回顾的方式推定的基本情况。 5、如果我们将1956年(当时的平均失业率为4、1%)的年龄和性别失业率分来用一般的劳动力中年龄性别比来计算的话,平均失业率就是5%了。






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